Kristin Hurley

literally typeface


april 26, 2016

I wanted to expand upon the type from my previous post and challenge myself to see if I could create a typeface. This is something I've never done, nor ever thought I would be interest in doing. So it was quite a surprise to find it so relaxing.  But seriously have you ever developed the curves on a s?  Hours will float by, and you will create something wonderful.


Literally takes inspiration from the playful curves of the 1960's.


Stay tuned for more to come!


1960's inspired type


april 19, 2016

Let me start off by stating that I'm not a write, speller, or one for proper punctuation. So, if this is painful to read please continue by only looking at the pictures. (adult picture books are the next big thing)


That being said, I've started making time each week for myself to explore and create new projects for just myself again, and of course all of you.